My Story
Hi, I’m Hiba.
I'm enthusiastic about design, technology, and human behaviors, a problem solver who treats every problem as a new adventure to experience and learn from.

The empathy and attention for detail skills I have developed during my previous work in architecture. The moment I discovered the UX world was life-changing, I researched, studied and dove deeper every day. That drove me finally to take the UX course at Netcraft Academy. The 5 months course helped refine my skills further as well as fueling my ambition to search for a UX Design role at a creative yet challenging design company.
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Primary SkillsMy passion for design motivates me to always learn more and get better with what I do, therefore I always try to develop my skills and gain new ones that would help me expand my toolbox.


During my studying and work as an architect I have developed visual representation skills and attention to details. I’ve learned to work with 2D and 3D environments which helped me to better understand relations and compositions and provided me with a rich toolkit to create and express myself.


Psychology and human behaviours have always attracted and fascinated me. I believe that good user experience design can improve feelings, thoughts and actions, and I’m motivated to take part in making any impact in improving experiences for humans and that is one of the primary reason that I chose to become a UX designer.

User Research

Life and architecture taught me to be curious and ask questions, to research and dig deep.During my UX course at Netcraft Academy I’ve learned more about the procedure and the importance of user research in order to be able to create a successful product.

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Topics to talk to me about:

Design, Technology, Space, Yoga, Movies/ Series/ Documentaries, Healthy lifestyle.

Favorite album:
Everyday life - Coldplay

Currently reading:
Hooked - Nir Eyal