(Meal planning mobile app)My final project for the UX course at Netcraft Academy
Dec 2019

Role |
Research, Sketching, Prototyping, Visual design.

Concept |  
Introducing the fun and practical side of meal-prep experience, from planning to shopping and finally preparing the meals. The goal is to make the process as interactive and efficient as possible by helping the user successfully make a meal plan fo a certain amount of time into a calendar according to his profile, then automatically the app will create a grocery list based on the plan, and finally to the preparing mode.Easily, quickly and suitable to the modern busy lifestyle.

Tools |  
Axure RP 9
Adobe XD
ResearchThe first step I made to understand the problem and create a solution was determining the target audience, researching the existing competition and understanding the user needs, therefore after analyzing existing similar apps and websites and recognizing the strength and weakness points of them I could create a list of survey questions that I published on several platforms.
Below are the conclusions that I learned.

PersonasCreating personas helped me create empathy and understanding for the user that I am designing for. Also it helped me define the problems they may face and come up with solutions and features in my final design that would help with solving those problems.
Problem StatementsAfter creating and understanding my personas I could define their needs and problems and could ask my self the what can I do to solve them, that's how I created this problem statements table.
FeaturesAs a conclusion of all the process so far and after defining the pain, needs and possible solutions for the personas, now I could list the features that are critical, important and nice to have in my final product.
App Map
User Task FlowCreating a task flow helped me to think through the design, before a feature is actually developed. It also helped me to interject the user into the flow of the application, and determine if the conceptual model agrees with the user model.
SketchesFor me sketching is the most efficient way to start thinking about solutions and designing. Below are the sketches of 6 options for the starting page and the second page in the flow and the ones I actually chose after comparing and discussing them with my mentor and other people.
PrototypingAfter sketching I started creating high definition prototypes for all the pages of the user scenario flow. To do that I used Axure RP9.
It was very important to me to try and pay attention to the small details that would elevate the user's experience and make it a pleasant and efficient one.