Adobe XD Challenge 2 -

Mini themed projects

June  2020

Role |
Prototyping, Visual design.

Concept |  
Adobe XD daily challenge is meant to sharpen the UI/UX skills by following a week of everyday tasks brought by Adobe XD mentors about a certain topic.
This one was a different themed mini project every day.

Tools |  
Adobe XD
Day 1 - Music playerThe task was to build a music app library page and music player page.
After a brief research I came with some bullet points to guide me through the quick design process.
- Music players are meant to be running for a long time usually thus draining the battery. one thing I can do to minimize the draining is a dark theme.
- Cover art is quite important to highlight, for that reason I chose a charcoal background with simple graphics.
- Choosing what to hear is sometimes overwhelming so I thought picking a mood or several moods would be easier when the user can't decide.
- For a higher customization and control feeling for the user, I added a My vibes library, which is a place where the user can create his own way of music sorting and express his own vibes.

Day 2 - Workout appThe task was to build a workout app that can be used anywhere.